Monday, May 8, 2017


     The speeches we saw in the class were very interesting. My most favorite one was "sunscreen". It gives some advice and like "motivation" in the speech. It said a lot in 5 minutes. Most speeches are only like a minute long. Sunscreen was very long but gave a lot of information. Sheryl sandbergs speech was very emotional and also she shared a personal experience that no one else would've said in their speech. Her speech was very strong. She asked a question in the speech. It is very hard to talk about things like that. Some people just want to keep it to themselves.

Monday, May 1, 2017


     May is going to be an exciting month. Lots of thing are happening in May. Like six flags, dinner dance, and my birthday. Six flags is in like 2 weeks. I'm very excited about that. Dinner dance will be in like 3 weeks. I'm happy that I will be going to dinner dance with Samra. Also to six flags. My birthday is coming up and I'm finally turning 14. This month will go by fast. Next thing I know is it'll be June 1st and we'll be graduating. I'm shocked that I am going to high school. I'm kinda nervous but kinda not. Let's just hope for the best. How is your May going to look like??

Friday, April 28, 2017

Book Club

      Book club is very interesting because you get to talk about the book you are reading with the group. Also you get to work with people. I think it's fun to work with people instead of working by yourself when you're reading. You can ask questions to your group if you don't understand a part and they can answer it for you. Or there's a word you don't know you can ask the group. We talk about the book and sometimes agree on each other. You get to talk about the meaning in the story. Overall I just think being in a book club is more fun then just reading a book by yourself. Get together and read with each other. How do you feel about book clubs?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


.    The book I read is called Smile. There was a girl name Raina. Raina was hanging out with her friends and one of her friends mom dropped her off at her house. Her friends wanted to race her to her house. They started to run and Raina fell to the floor. Face flat on the floor. She knocked out her two front teeth. The next day she went to the dentist. Her dentist gave her two fake front teeth. She had those teeth for about a year. Then the other year she got braces. She had those braces for another year. After that, her two front teeth are permanently on.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Man Proposes, God Disposes 
Miroslav Kosek, Hanus Lowy 

Who was helpless back in Prague,
And who was rich before,
He's a poor soul here in Terezin,
His body's bruised and sore.

Who was toughened up before,
He'll survive these days.
But who was used to servants,
Will sink into his grave.

I'm feeling sad about this. It's sad that this person needs to go through this. Even other thousand or millions of people need to go through this. It's really unfair. No one should be treated horribly. Everyone wants to have a happy life. The people that were in the holocaust, they wanted to be set free and have a happy life.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Elementary to middle school

      Far back in 1st grade, I didn't know anything honestly. Every time a teacher points at a number and tells me to say it, I couldn't. I had a friend and her name was Karina. She was the only friend I had in first grade. She was really nice and funnny. Going ahead in 3rd grade, I knew how to say all the numbers. I knew my time tables and got all the answers right on the test which I think it was called "quick time". We only had a minute to do the test and I got all of them right. Moving on, 5th grade was kinda a great year. We went on field trips like to navy pier. That was when me and Samra started to talk to each other a lot. We knew each other since 1st grade but we really never talked to each other until 5th grade. I always hung out with her in indoor recess. When we entered 6th grade, Samra and I were very close friends. We couldn't separate from each other, we always have to be together. In 6th grade I was kinda improving in many subjects like for example math. 7th grade was the year of actual improvement for 8th grade. I did my best in 7th grade. I put my effort into it. 8th grade has came and I took two big tests to show if I improved or not. The test results came and said I improved a lot. I changed into regular classes. Now I'm with bigger classes for ELA. I am proud of myself for trying, trying, and trying. At once I wanted to give up. I told myself no and continued on to the journey.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

SOL #13 When My Parents Found Out I know a lot about technology

     It was summer in a Saturday morning. Very hot outside. I was in my room on my phone watching some YouTube videos. I was very bored because my friend Samra went to Europe. I was alone. My mom and my sister were cleaning. My dad was at work. It was only 11am in the morning. We already ate breakfast. 5 hours had past. My dad finally came home. He wanted to pay some bills. So he went downstairs and went on the computer. He didn't know how to use it. So my dad called me down. I went downstairs and he said "Can you help me?" And I said "Yes!" I typed in the password to log in into the computer and went through the process to get to the website my dad wants to go on to pay his bills. He said "Wow you know a lot about technology" I said "Yeahh" Then my dad went upstairs and told everyone that he's noticing that I know a lot about technology. My family was saying that I should find a job that works with technology. It's a good idea. I'm actually joining TSI in high school. The bad thing is that I have to wake at 5am in the morning and then go to school at 6:45. I am not that kind of early morning person. Im kinda a early person but I wake up 7 or 8. Not 5 or 6 in the morning